Summer 2017 Theme: Arches

It has been forever since I’ve paid any attention to writing about jewelry or art making. Mostly because I’ve been busy with all sorts of other initiatives. All interesting, but none particularly visual or art-y.

Though I haven’t been writing about jewelry, I have been making a bunch of it. These last few months I’ve been particularly focused on this new line of work featuring tin arches. It started a while back and after I had made a few initial pieces, I realized my brain had been taking in and processing the work of a young artist I really admire. And when I say young, I mean like 13 years old young. This kid is so amazing at such an early point in his life I really can’t imagine the sort of work he’ll be doing as a mature artist. Here are a few of his pieces.

count_atx on IG count_atx on IGYou can find The Count on IG. I highly recommend you follow him on his amazing journey.

And here are some of the first few arched pieces I made:

adaptive reuse jewelry: etched arches upcycled tin jewelry: etched arches adaptive reuse jewelry: etched arches
I trust you can see the similarities.

There’s something really relaxing about etching the lines into the tin. Pairing up the arches into nice groupings and working out the steel arch of wire is actually more challenging than I would like and hasn’t gotten easier with more experience. I like the finished product enough to keep at it anyway, but I keep hoping something will click and the compositions will get easier. There’s also a lot of riveting involved with these. I love rivets, but again, slooooow process. Speaking of slow processes, all these pieces are now available in my Etsy shop.

I’ve also been making some other arch-y things too. I’ll post some more about those next time I get around to writing.