Tin Heart Necklaces for Valentine’s Day (and Beyond!)

Cursive Big Red Heart NecklacesI’m always behind on seasonally themed items. Especially for those seasons that follow closely after Christmas. I’ve made a variety of heart necklaces in the past. Some for Valentine’s day and some just because hearts are so popular. Each time I revisit a theme I try to add a twist or rethink some aspect of the design. This time around I came up with two pieces of tin joined using a classic sheet metal technique called a flat lock seam. It looks like this:

FlatLockSeamIt’s a pretty great cold connection technique and one that, if you’ve ever picked up a cookie tin, you’ve seen before. This is the exact seam that holds all those tins in their round or square shape. I’ve played around with it before in my work, but never found a way to use it that was particularly interesting. With the hearts, though, I like it both visually and from the more metaphorical aspect of two separate things coming together to make one more interesting whole.

Garden House--Big Heart NecklacesIf you need a special little something for your Valentine (or yourself!), I’ve listed a few in my Etsy shop. I’m also happy to make something just for you and your sweetheart.