Returning to the Blogosphere

It’s been so long since I last posted anything, my browser had forgotten the password to my blog. GAH!

It has been a busy few months of moving. And moving. And then a little more moving, just for good measure. I think we’re finally planted again, but all our stuff is still strewn around the house in boxes. Some days it seems like we’ll never get it all back in order.

SanMarcos1Through it all I’ve managed to keep working as much as possible, though that hasn’t been as much as I would have liked. Creatures on South Congress has been great and patient with me and my lagging production schedule. Somehow, I even managed to connect with a couple of other galleries. So it hasn’t been a completely unproductive period, but it sure felt that way.

So, we’ve left the town we never thought we would leave and all we’ve done is ask ourselves why we didn’t do it sooner. Do you ever do stuff like that? Do the same thing over and over thinking it’s the best thing ever and then something comes along to force you to try another way and you realize you’ve been wrong the whole time? It kinda shakes you up and makes you think you aren’t actually the smartest person on the planet!

Anyway, we’ve found a new place with a slower pace and more space. Not really actually more space, but life just feels a bit more spacious. I’m hoping once we get all these feral cats and kittens fixed and adopted out, I can have my studio back and life will finally be perfect! For at least a day or two.