Travis Heights Art Trail—Nov. 8th & 9th

ThinMarquisIt has been a busy few months for me. We decided to put our house on the market (so no more EAST 🙁 ) and move to an apartment on the lake downtown (YEAH!). I was lucky enough to have a friend set me up with an amazing little studio space just down the boardwalk from our new place, which is how I managed to score a spot on this year’s Travis Heights Art Trail.

If you haven’t yet made it to this gem of a self-guided tour, you really should check it out. It looks like just about every medium is represented—painting, photography, woodworking, sculpture, printmaking, jewelry, mixed media and more—so there is sure to be something for everyone. Plus, Travis Heights is one of the loveliest and most walkable neighborhoods in town.

Long&LeanThe Trail officially starts at Travis Heights Elementary on 2010 Alameda where you can pick up a brochure with a map of the art trail. They will have student art for sale and fun activities for children and all proceeds benefit the school art program.
I will be at stop #11 along with some artists who also happen to be a few of my personal faves: Margaret Adie, Debbie Little Wilson & Beverly Mangham. Margaret is also hosting some new-to-me artists, Gaye Lynn & Michael Hodgson and Susan White. I’ll be up in my hillside hideaway in the back yard, so be sure to stop by to check out my snazzy new studio digs and some of my latest creations. I’ll also have a bunch of pieces in my sale bins that will be perfect for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season!

P.S. Once you’ve seen all the art you can manage for one day, take a moment to cross Riverside at Alameda and check out the fabulous new boardwalk along Ladybird Lake. It really is an amazing amenity which seamlessly connects the east and west sides of town for pedestrians and bikers.

Travis Heights Art Trail   |  November 8th & 9th, 2014