Stuck on Stencils

Arrrgh! I knew I shouldn’t have taken a class. Whenever I learn a new art technique, I always spend way too much time playing around with it. Now it’s not just the printmaking part, but the stencil cutting that I’m all obsessed with. At first I was cutting them from regular paper, but those weren’t holding up so well. Then I remembered Tyvek!! I cut a bunch of those over the last couple of days. A bunch.

Hand Cut Tyvek StencilsI was using some of them today while attempting to make images on thin Japanese paper because I wanted to try using some in encaustic collages.

Gelatin Printmaking on Tissue Paper Gelatin Printmaking Experiment on Tissue PaperI got a few printed and tried part of one in a little collage I had half finished. The yellow loops and the purple citrus-y shape are from the prints. I like how they sit up a bit from the rest of the piece. I think it has potential.

Sunshine: 6 x 6 Encaustic Collage & Found Word PoemWith the encaustic iron out as well as some sheets of tyvek on the workbench, inspiration struck—cut stencils with the heat tool! I switched to the little pointy tip and got to work. It’s a lot like drawing. The edges aren’t crisp like with the xacto or scissors, but they have a more organic quality that I’m interested in playing around with.

Tyvek Stencils Created With A Heat ToolI’m going to try printing with these tomorrow to see how they work. If anything good happens, I’ll post some pics.

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