Encaustic Kits and Classes

Shoebox Encaustic™ Kit, Collage PacksI’m still really excited about the one tool encaustic collage technique. So much so that I put together some Shoebox Encaustic kits during the holidays to give as gifts. I had enough stuff to make a few extra, so decided to offer them at cost to friends with kids who I know enjoy the process too. Hearing back from a few folks got me thinking about offering the kits for sale to everyone.

With demos set up during many an EAST tour, I’ve seen firsthand how engaging encaustic is to almost everyone. What I’ve also seen is just how overwhelming the supply lists seems to the average person. No matter how much fun they are having, when they start quizzing me about where to go and what to buy, I can see the spark in their eyes slowly fade as they hear the list. I finally connected the dots and realized it’s not a fear of creating as much as it’s the more mundane issue of being overwhelmed by all of the setup. That is a hurdle I can help folks jump!

Shoebox Encaustic™ KitSo, here it is, the official Shoebox Encaustic Collage Kit available to the world. It includes absolutely everything you need to get started making small encaustic collages except a covered table top and a few sheets of paper towels. There is nothing to think about, nothing to be overwhelmed by. Take out the heat tool, plug it in, put down a blank Artist Trading Card and melt some wax onto it. You can watch a short little video about it here.Barn Owl Tiny Encausti Collage by Christine TerrellMy goal is to get more people making art. Encaustic, with it’s simple and forgiving nature, is the perfect medium for the beginner. Even better, it also happens to be endlessly flexible, so once you master the basics, there are still tons of other techniques to try. You won’t be able to do them all with this setup, but you will have gained confidence and knowledge, and with that you are on your way.

The kits are now available in my Tincaustics Etsy shop, but if you’re in town and are ready to make art today, get in touch with me and I’ll get a kit together for you a.s.a.p. Also, there is still a spot left in my Shoebox Encaustic Collage Workshop at Craft this coming Monday (2/10/14) where the kits will be 25% off.