2014–Get Your Craft On!

Craft Austin

If you haven’t checked out the fun new South First spot, Craft–get on it! Our first friend bday party of the year was hosted there today and the kids all had a blast. The owner and crack craft coach, Elisabeth, has created a super relaxed space filled with tons of great art supplies and random bits and pieces of recycle-y goodness.

What I really love is how she’s made it so easy to get your craft on. All you have to do is show up and make some cool stuff. For just $10 an hour you have access to the space, tons of materials and–best part–you don’t have to clean up! The space is open most days for drop in from noon to 9pm and Friday and Saturdays till 11. They are also happy to hold a table for you if you call for a reservation.

Craft Austin, Texas -- A DIY Craft Studio

If you’ve been thinking about hosting a craft night or need a great venue for a kid’s party, look no further. She has really affordable party rates and even some options for workshops. Need some more inspiration? Check out some of the fun stuff folks have made in the space. Personally, I’m looking forward to working with her to find a time to teach an Encaustic Collage class in her event room. I’ll let you know when we get the details worked out.

Regardless of your other resolutions this new year, make sure you add this one: make more. Now that Craft has been conjured you have no excuses!

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