Nifty Thrifty Gift

I haven’t done much gifting on this blog, but I think it would be fun to start a more regular thing of it. Let’s make a goal of once a month, which frees me a bit from my self-imposed reduction of thrifting.  One caveat: I don’t always find treasures worthy of passing along, so don’t hate me if I don’t keep a tight schedule.

I took a few hours off the other day and even though I’m trying to limit my thrifting, it is one thing I find completely relaxing. Since I hadn’t made time to scope out the latest iteration (they are always monkeying with the model) of my favorite last-call thrift store, it seemed like a good time. I guess it was a bit of a working holiday.

I’m not sure how I feel about this new version of the store. Replacing two giant facilities, this one is certainly no match from a square footage standpoint. It’s now located in an odd business park-y part of town that I had no idea even existed and at around 4:30 on Friday–which is a pretty odd time to be thrifting–the place was packed. Apparently the new location is not a problem for any of the regulars. I haven’t really digested and analyzed how I feel about all the newness yet, but certainly it’s not dingy enough for my tastes. Seems like everything is getting gussied up these days. I guess I was kinda hoping thrift stores could stay out of the fray.

Maybe my negative attitude about the “improved” nature of the place affected my findy juju that day, but I didn’t really happen upon much. I did, however, score one thing I couldn’t pass up–this lovely vintage set of giant alphabet cards. Buried under a bunch of stuff, I could just make out about an inch of one corner. It had that perfect vintage box patina which insisted I excavate. I have to say, I was pretty surprised it hadn’t been snatched up already–especially once I figured out that all 26 beautifully illustrated cards were inside and in fine condition.

I am so smitten with the illustrations, but I’ve had it for about a week now and just know I’m not going to do anything with it that’s worthy of it’s vintage awesomeness. Today it occurred to me to just be the conduit that delivers it to it’s rightful owner. Is that you? A friend of yours? Your kid’s Kindergarten teacher? Leave a comment here (make sure I have a way to email you) and I’ll pick a random winner some time next week.

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